It's no secret that the limousine has long been the choice of travel for party-goers, but now there's a new kid in the town – the party bus. Over the last few years, party buses have rapidly gained traction as the most fun way to get from A to B on a night out, and it's no surprise. Why? The extra space, of course. Take a look at these 3 ways the party bus hire is utilising its additional space to outdo the limo.

Breathing Room What limousines have in length, they lack in height and width. If your limo isn't packed to full capacity, you may be lucky enough to have space to shuffle from side to side. Unfortunately, that's where the movement ends. On a long limo journey, prepare for cramps and stiff legs. Luckily, party buses don't suffer from the same problem. With their extra width and height, party buses give you and your group more than enough breathing room. The fun doesn't stop at getting up and walking around to stretch your legs. Why not get the party started early? You'll have plenty of space to dance around – just be careful going over speed bumps!

Bigger & Better Amenities The extra space in a party bus doesn't just provide you with more comfort – it also offers a home to bigger and better equipment than a standard limousine. Amenities vary depending on which party bus you choose, but expect to enjoy one or more of the following: more sophisticated entertainment systems; louder speakers; wider TVs; even bigger bars. If that's not enough to float your boat, some of the wilder party buses are home to strobe lighting, dance poles, and gaming systems. A ride in a party bus is so jam-packed with fun, you'll feel like you're at the club before you even arrive.

The More, the Merrier You won't want to keep the booming music, travelling dance floor, and crazy amenities to yourself – and luckily, you won't have to. The average party bus has enough room for more people than the average limo – the more, the merrier! A party bus can get your whole group from your start point to your destination without leaving anybody behind – or worse, having to hire two vehicles. Transporting everyone together keeps the vibe going, and ensures you don't miss out on any of the laughs, the drama, or your friends' terrible dance moves.